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Water Quality

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When I was in Hawaii in March 2022, I noticed lots of signs and protesters that stated "Stop Red Hill" and "Protect Our Water". In March, I learned that these protesters were referring to the U.S Navy's jet fuel storage tanks which have had frequent spilling accidents since they were built for World War II in the 1940's. Right near the storage tanks sits the largest aquifer on Oahu, and many local residents in recent times on Oahu have noticed fuel in their tap water, and numerous health problems due to contaminated drinking water are on the rise. The Navy at denied there being a recent spill in March, but evidence and data collected from the Department of Health shows there has been a recent spill of fuel into Oahu's drinking water supply.

Thankfully, very recently, on April 23rd, 2022, the U.S Navy conceded that the fuel tanks do in fact pose a threat to Oahu's water supply, and work is being done by the Department of Health to enforce the Navy's removal and drainage of the jet fuel tanks.

Since this event is extremely recent, other unfortunate events could take place. The Navy could end up refusing to drain the tanks, and the problem could ensue, but hopefully enough action will be taken by the Department of Health so the residents of Oahu who have been affected by the tanks can have their rightful access to clean water again.

I obtained most of my information from the Sierra Club's page addressing the Red Hill Water crisis.



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