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Our mission

Imnoplasticgirl informs the public of the negative impacts of plastic on humans and the environment, engages a community of people to appreciate this planet and educates everyone on ways to reduceplastic use in our everyday lives.

Our goal is to inform the public of the negative impacts plastic has on us and our environment.
We seek to engage a diverse community of people and educate them on how to better take care of our planet.

Learn how to reduce plastic consumption in your daily life.

How I Live Plastic Free

My Professional Background

As a Geography Professor, I teach courses that focus on earth science, climate change, water quality, hydrology, environmental policy, and cultural geography. I encourage healthy discussion and open communication in the classroom, and hope that all of my students leave my class having a greater appreciation for this beautiful and amazing planet.


Since 2002 I have immersed myself in two worlds: education and environmental conservation. It is my life long goal to deeply interconnect those two worlds so that they are one and the same. I have engaged with nonprofits, NGOs and government agencies, and served on the board I have served on the Board of San Diego Coastkeeper as the President and Secretary, and worked on research projects for the lionfish, the leatherback sea turtle and the Tasmanian Devil, all of which have given me incredible insight into how humans interact with the world around them. 


My current passions and interests include sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, marine and estuarine protected area management, habitat restoration and water quality. I am also deeply interested in getting a better understanding of how plastics impact the environment, including human development and our DNA throughout our lifetime.

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