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Water Quality

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  • Fast fashion, or the mass production of clothing that follows the trend cycles, is an industry that has both ethical and environmental issues. One environmental issue that fast fashion creates is the pollution of our rivers, and degradation of its water quality. In China alone, “70% of the rivers and lakes are contaminated by 2.5 billion gallons of wastewater produced by the textile industry” ( and in countries like India and Bangladesh, this isn’t a shocking phenomena either. The pollution processes are usually caused by dying clothing, bleaching, washing and treatment of the clothing. However, despite only having about .3% of usable fresh water available for consumption globally, we continue to over consume and pollute the little water we have. This pollution has both health effects on humans, as well as species in the freshwater ecosystem. Now what you can do to avoid contributing to these effects of degradation of…

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  • Instead of using palm oil in my every day cooking i use avocado oil based products. Using avocado oil instead of palm oil can have several positive environmental impacts. Firstly, avocado oil production generally has a lower ecological footprint compared to palm oil. Palm oil cultivation has been associated with deforestation, especially in tropical regions, leading to habitat loss for numerous species, including endangered ones like orangutans and tigers. In contrast, avocado oil is primarily derived from the fruit of the avocado tree, which typically does not require deforestation for its cultivation.

    Additionally, palm oil production often involves large-scale monoculture plantations, which require significant amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These inputs can lead to water pollution, soil degradation, and the loss of biodiversity. Avocado trees, on the other hand, can often be cultivated using more sustainable practices, such as organic farming methods, reducing the environmental impact associated with chemical…

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