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Water Quality

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Temecula is a city surrounded by mountains and known for its hot weather, and I used to live there. However, water quality in Temecula is a concern for many residents, and my parents were not exception. People have reported that the water quality has affected their physical well-being, causing skin and hair problems, some even questioning whether the water is safe to use and drink.

Since my parents were worried about the cleanliness of the water, they decided to install a water softener system. The purpose of this system is to remove excess minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that make the water hard. Hard water can cause deposits in pipes and equipment and can even damage them. The system requires maintenance regular and have to add salt to the tank to function properly.

My parents used water softener system for a period of time and noticed a significant difference in water quality. My mom says that her skin and hair are smoother and healthier now. My dad also mentioned that he feels safer using water for many things after installing the system.

I believe that while a water softener system can provide some benefits, it does not necessarily make the water cleaner or safer to drink. For that reason, it is important to consider supplemental water treatment systems or filters designed to remove specific contaminants to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water.

(Huu Minh Nhat P. - GEOG 101)


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