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Climate Change

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This is my reusable tumblr that I take with me everywhere I go. As someone who works at Starbucks and loves coffee I found myself wasting a lot of plastic both in and out of work because I would keep getting my drinks in single-use plastic cups. One day I decided to invest in a reusable tumblr that I could substitute my plastic cups with as I started feeling horrible about how great my plastic impact was on the planet and how easily I could have improved it. Needless to say buying this tumblr has reduced my impact a LOT and now not only do I use it at work but I also take it to every coffeeshop I go so I could get my drink made in there instead of a plastic cup that will end up in the ocean and kill the marine life. Investing in a reusable tumblr has been a great decision because not only does it look much cuter than your ordinary plastic cups but it also reduces my impact on the planet. The good thing about this tumblr is that it also comes with a reusable straw so I won’t ever need to ask for a straw anywhere. This is also good because some places don’t accept personal cups so in that case I can at least detach the straw from my cup and use it on its own so I don’t have to ask for a plastic straw. Investing in a reusable cup is just one easy way that I’ve been able to reduce my impact. What are some ways that you guys reduce your impact on the planet?


The Climate Change blog is a great way to share information ...


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