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Climate Change

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As we have learned in class palm oil is one of the primary reasons the Amazon is being deforested. Palm oil is used in so many projects that today we use such as: makeup, pizza, ice cream, shampoo, chocolate, biodiesel, hand soap, etc. The reason why this is important is because the Amazon is the number one source of our oxygen supply in the world. Since 1917 we have destroyed 20% of the Amazon due to deforestation. I believe if the demand for Palm oil goes down, they will have to stop producing it. What I will be doing for now on is to go out of my way to not purchase these products. The question is: how you can do this if it’s in everything. My proposal is to use this app called Palm Oil Scan. You can find this app either on app store or play store for your phone. You can use this app to look for products like the ones listed above that do not contain Palm oil. For example: just click on the Search bar and type in chocolate and you can find plenty of options of chocolate. In this list you will see three colors next to each product: red, orange, yellow, green. These colors represent the rating of what is the most recommended product. Red being the least recommended and green being the best. There is also a bar code scan which you can use when you go to your local store. Just scan the item you would like to purchase, and it will tell you whether if uses palm oil or not. Of course, I cannot make a big difference on my own, but it will take many of us for a change to really happen.


Abel Vigil


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