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Climate Change

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Selah Flores
Selah Flores

This course has opened my eyes a lot to how many things make a huge impact on the environment negatively. I thought I was making a tiny impact by being a pescetarian but after realizing how harmful it is to the environment and ecosystems that deserve to be left alone I no longer want to support that. So I decided I am going to become vegetarian first then vegan as I somewhat slowly change my diet, every couple of days cutting out other animal products has worked for me in the past. I downloaded an app that helps you keep track of your emissions by roughly estimating them and giving ideas on small things to do to lower your impact. I scored 17% less than the average and 218% more than the global average. The first challenge it gave me was fitting as it was to change to plant milk, so I went to the store and bought some soy milk! When I was researching how the emission, according to the BBC website, the omnivore diet (48.9kg) had almost 5 times higher emissions per week than the vegan (9.9kg). I was worried that I would not be able to afford a vegetarian or vegan diet, but luckily being in Southern California has its benefits as there are a lot of options and it does not have to be so expensive. I am sure to some this may seem silly but I am really excited to start this!


The Climate Change blog is a great way to share information ...


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