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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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In order to reduce my impact on the planet I have started to do several things. The first is that I have stopped buying/using plastic water bottles. Instead I bought a Hydroflask that I take with me everywhere I go. In addition, I start to collect any sort of plastic, metal and glass that I know can be recycled. Furthermore, I had my close friends and family start to collect their recyclables too so that I can turn them in and help save this planet. This is an easy and cheap start to eliminating my personal carbon footprint. If anything, it saves me money by not buying plastic water bottles and it gives me money when I do turn in recyclables. The second thing that I do to reduce my impact on the planet is denying plastic bags at the grocery store and instead using my personal cotton reusable bags when shopping. This is an easy route to hindering my impact and also cheap as it saves me my cents when going to the grocery store and paying for those plastic bags. I have read a lot of blogs on how others have reduced their impact on the planet and I will be starting to use metal straws as well. I have learned about how human consumption effects this planet, the animals, and especially the climate and want to be part of the solution not the problem.


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