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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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Jessica Boshell
Jessica Boshell

This photo is from 2020, but this was our first, "Miss J Beach Day". Our little group has grown since then, but I corral a group of kids - usually my friends kids, or younger family members, and we do a beach clean up a few times a year. I set a timer for 1 hour, which is exciting to kids to collect as much trash as they can, then we gather and talk about what is recyclable, what is trash, and we have a voting contest on "the weirdest find". In the photo, I'm explaining to the girls how the piece of plastic I'm holding may have started out like the shovel in her hand, and how plastic breaks down into tiny pieces but never goes away, and animals can ingest microplastics and die, because they get full of not food items. I love teaching kids about the impacts our choices have on the environment, and important it is to make good decisions to protect our planet.



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