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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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Reducing my impact when it comes to the environment is something I find important and easy to do. Plastic straws has become such an overused product that happens to be everywhere you go. Knowing this, it causes a great negative impact on the environment and community. It’s a wasteful product that you find very commonly on the floor, streets, and places because many people can not dispose of it properly. I try to take my part by reusing them and carrying some of my own, especially at home because I always catch myself grabbing one for smoothies that I make on a daily basis. If I were to not do this, I would be using a different plastic straw every single day that you are supposed to dispose of after using. This is a very easy solution to a problem like this and can leave a

bigger, better impact on the world. I remember one time going to the beach with my friends and plastic straws were trash I found as litter on the sand. It’s disappointing to see because we have our sea life that have this as their home, we can not endanger them with things that should not even be on the floor in the first place.



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