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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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Hi Class!

I have recently started using metal straws instead of the plastic ones I would buy at target. I love to use my metal straws with my smoothies, juices, and water. I use to spend over $10 on plastic straws a month, I felt like I couldn't without any straws because I would wear lipstick a lot and it would mess up my makeup if I didn't use straws. I have a newfound love for using metal straws since they help save the environment with no plastic waste. I have also transitioned from using plastic tupperware to glass which is reusable and easier to clean, more sterile, and isn't harmful to my health using glass than any plastic that may or may not contain harmful BPA for those who don't know what BPA is Bisphenol A a chemical compound primarily used in plastic that is harmful to humans. Researchers have found that BPA has been linked to causing ADHD, depression, heart disease, and more.

19 May 2022

There at retractable metal straws (my son bought me one) to take on the road



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