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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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Morgan Nguyen
Morgan Nguyen

One of the biggest threats to our environment would be the plastics that we use. They take a very long time to break down and when they do break down, they can absorb and release dangerous chemicals which will consequently harm our ecosystem. One of the actions that you could take in an effort to reduce this problem could be to avoid using single-use plastics. In my case, I have this reusable water bottle that I drink from very often so that I can both stay hydrated and also prevent possible harm that could be inflicted on the planet. By purchasing this, I save up on so many plastic water bottles and by filling it up all the time, I help remind myself of the importance of upkeeping sustainable practices. This product is very convenient since while I can also drink this at home, I can carry this thing everywhere with me whether it be school, the park, or even a daily walk. In addition, I can also fill up these products at some places when I run out of water. It also helps me save money on the water bottles that I would otherwise end up purchasing from the store. In my lifetime I have probably drunk water equivalent to the amount of hundreds of water bottles, but because of how long these products tend to last, I have probably prevented myself from drinking from and throwing away so many single-use plastics. (Geography 101 - Morgan Nguyen)


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