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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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hey guys one thing i have started doing to help reduce waste is thrifting and donating my clothes. instead of throwing away clothes or just letting it go to waste ive started to take them to thrift stores to be sold to someone else. clothes make lots of waste from the packaging to the actual production so by thrifting im just recyclng the clothes that has been thrown out. this also helps other people who need clothes or hve ideas in ways to recycle and renew clothes. thrifting helps keep clothes from piling up in dumps and to slow down mass production of clothes thats going to end up in the trash. not only can we reuse and recycle clothes at the thrift but also furniture,toys,books, and other things that we get rid of often that ends up in dumps and on the streets. (a picture of one of my recent thrift finds)


The Plastic Impacts on the Environment blog is different fro...


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