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Plastics Impact on the Environment

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When I went out to the gym or to do sports like basketball and surfing, I would take up to 3 plastic water bottles with me. I did recycle them and tried to refill them as much as possible but I still felt as if I still used a lot of them each month. I got convinced by my sister to invest in a hydro flask, I liked the idea of it keeping colder while also saving plastic. It was close to 60-70$ but in the long term, it saved me hundreds a year, not buying huge cases of water, it also saved all the plastic I've been using. I have been using the same water bottle for about 6 years and actually told a few of my friends to buy one. It was crazy to me now, to look back on how many cases of water I was using per week, month, and year. I truly think that if we get more people to switch to refillable water bottles, we would drastically decrease how much plastic we as a country would be using.

- Robert D. Geo 101



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