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Ocean Preservation

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Hey, one interesting thing I learned a few years back is that chemical sunscreens contain oxybenzone. It's a chemical that increases the coral's susceptiblility to bleaching, harms their growth and reproduction, and increases the likelihood of abnormal growths. When I was younger I didn't really think of how sunscreen that disperses in the ocean could have that effect. During hightide the water that comes up collects the sunscreen from the sand. The amount of sunscreen wouldn't be as much of a deal if it were just one person, but the fact that it's hundreds of people leaving this chemical behind that's it starting to be a bigger problem. The problem is that even though mineral sunscreen doesn't have oxybenzone, it's tends to break a lot of people out with sensitive skin which deters people from using it. The reef safe sunscreen have a little sticker that says "marine safe" or something along those lines.



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