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Living Plastic Free

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When it comes to the environment and global warming, I've always been conscious of the consequences of human activity. In order to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, I've been attempting to reduce my plastic waste and carbon footprint gradually. After the inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic, I'd say the last three years have been a time of transformation for me. Since then, I've gradually replaced all of the plastic containers in my home with ones that have reusable containers and use less plastic packaging, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Refillable mouthwash, tablet toothpaste, bar dish soap and shampoos have replaced all my old products in plastic containers that I used to use. In addition , I try to get all of my fruits and vegetables at the farmers market whenever possible. All of my plastic cups and containers have been replaced with reusable sandwich bags, beeswax sheets, and glass containers in the last couple of months. Reusable grocery bags, produce net bags, a milk glass container, and the reusable clothes and loofah face scrubs that now use are all shown in the photo above (those scrubs are great! I highly recommend).



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