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Living Plastic Free

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(Group hug solar) This solar panel bamboo looking thing is actually a solar powered charger that I use to charge my phone most of the time. I mostly have it hung on my window by a suction cup that is provided and instead of using electricity from my house, I’m only using the sun to power up my phone every night. It's pretty straight forward there’s only one button and one port for USB. Though I realize this is not practical for everyone nor is it accessible because it’s just another thing to have to buy, I do get plenty of use out of it and I find it fascinating that the sun is behind the works of this little contraption. I love telling people about it when family friends or friends come over and see it in my room and It’s just a fun conversation starter or topic to go on about. Oddly enough it also inspires me to live in a van one day that has solar panels on top to either charge the car or just the inside mechanics of the home. It’s a great reminder of why I’m majoring in environmental sustainability and keeps me curious for what’s to come.



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