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Living Plastic Free

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I have wanted to go completely plastic free for years. I am vegan, I use hydro flasks for my coffee and for my drinks (mostly caffeinated bubbly water), I use my own bags at grocery stores, I do not use paper plates or plastic cups. I am purchasing my second Prius soon. I recycle. I pick up trash if I see it when I am walking my dog. I eat organic and local. I made a decision when I moved out of the house, I lived in for many years to stop buying anything new. I realized at that time that I have everything I need. If I need anything I shop at thrift stores or buy used on offer up. I am doing everything I can think of currently to lower my footprint.

I am currently working on completing eliminating plastic. I need to finish off everything that I currently possess and use that is plastic. When I am done, I will replace items like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, dish soap, dishwashing detergent, and laundry detergent, with cardboard or glass options. I have done my research and all of these products are available in glass or cardboard. Water can be purchased in paper or glass containers as well. I own plastic containers for storage and when it comes time to get rid of them, I will replace them with a non-plastic option.

I am a water girl, I grew up on the ocean and have spent most of my life on the water in boats, or at the beach. My Dad was a Commercial Diver, I worked with him as a teenager on his boat. The experience was amazing and life changing. We went to San Clemente Island, and Cortez Banks regularly. My kids grew up on the beach. We spent 75 percent of our summers on the beach. I know that plastic releases harmful chemicals into our atmosphere when it is made. It is made from oil. It also releases harmful chemicals when it is recycled or repurposed. That is enough reason to stop using plastic. My main reason, however, for my determination to stop using plastic is directly related to seeing the 5 garbage patches in our oceans as well as seeing all the images of plastic on our beaches worldwide. Plastic is now everywhere and in everything including us.

I am posting an image of the type of laundry detergent I currently use. I purchased this at a grocery store. Amazon has a lot mor options for this type of detergent and is less expensive. Amazon also has all the other items that I have mentioned in this post.



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