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Living Plastic Free

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I decided that one way that I could make an impact in my plastic usage would be using reusable plastic Tupperware and food prep meals each week for my partner and me. Both my partner and I work, and it can be difficult both financially and environmentally to eat out all the time. Even when I pack our lunches, I have relied on smaller packaged foods that are all using individual use plastic to put all the ingredients together. I have started to cook full meals and pack them into our lunch bags. Pre-packing the lunches allows me to save money and get all the work done at once and it has drastically reduced the amount of plastic usage in our home. Reusable bottles and Tupperware have allowed me to use the same products repeatedly instead of throwing away the same amount of plastic I did before when I packed our lunches. I have also started e-bricking so I can compare the amount of plastic that I used before I started packing lunches this way and now after I have made the change. I am a visual person so seeing it in front of me will allow me to really motivate myself to stay on this course of action.

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