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Living Plastic Free

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Something I have done to reduce my impact is using cotton reusable bags. I see these bags as an investment and do no further harm to anyone. I work in retail and there aren't many people using reusable bags so I am forced to give out these plastic bags (if the customer asks of course). This makes me realize how much plastic is being used and basically wasted. A lot of these people are taking these bags and throwing them away which could hurt our planet. That is why I have made a step towards using cotton reusable bags every time I shop. From the content of this class, we are shown how much the environment, the climate, and the species of this Earth are affected by us humans and our creations, and our tools. These plastic bags cause much harm to animals, they spread chemicals that are toxic to animals, and animals could possibly ingest them and be killed. This would further INCREASE the rate of extinction of all the species on Earth, and I want to advocate for reusable bags as a start to reducing the amount of plastic spread all around the world, reducing my impact, and conserving our planet.



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