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Living Plastic Free

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This is my metal water bottle that I bring with me when I leave my house. Ever since I was little, I have been using metal water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, in order to reduce my impact on the environment. All of this first started when I watched a video in second grade about garbage in the ocean. In the video, I saw image after image of plastic and especially plastic water bottles floating in the salt water and tainting its pristine majesty. At the time, it made me so sad that people would let this sort of thing happen. When I was eleven years old, I noticed at a kids sports group that I was attending that everyone was drinking out of plastic water bottles from a giant Costco package. Some of the kids in this group tossed their bottles into bushes instead of walking to the recycling can. I forlornly viewed how just a bit of trash made the nature in the park look so much less beautiful. After collecting and recycling those water bottles that had been littered by the kids, I asked my mom to buy me my first metal water bottle so that I could take a stand against plastic usage. By using this metal water bottle instead of many plastic ones, I am reducing my negative impact on nature. I am reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that could have ended up on a city street, in a forest, field, lake, or even the ocean.

Apr 02, 2022

This is great, James!🙂



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