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Living Plastic Free

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Ghecel Dela Cruz
Ghecel Dela Cruz

Hi, everyone! :)

My family and I have recently been collecting these cute reusable bags at TJMax, StaterBrothers, Target, and many other places. We consider them a great way to use them as grab-and-go bags. We would rely on the regular plastic bags that stores provide, and of course, we reuse those as trash bags for our trash bins, but we've decided that using reusable bags is a more easy way to go, knowing that we already have a heavy stock of plastic bags for our trash bins at home due to the number of times we've relied on getting plastic bags from the stores.


I love this idea! In my family we do something around the same thing but instead with grocery bags. We use them to clean up messes instead of using big trash bags. We also rely on our grocery bags when we are in need. It's a really good idea.

Me gusta


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