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Living Plastic Free

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As we human matching on our 21th century with many advanced technologies , we are also facing with many problems to climate change . Usually we blame it on bly industries and while that still true there are many ways we as a society can prevent the rate of global warming . As attached to my first picture below , is an app called Spoonful " It is one of the most reliable app that help you scan a barcode of any food to see their ingredients . My mom has used the app before for many reasons, I realized that Spoonful can see if a product has palm oil in it or not. This is extremely helpful because it is free and accessible as long as anyone has a phone this would work out wonderfully. I believe we all need to reduce our use of palm oil in most circumstances because it causes freshwater pollution which affects the biodiversity and we people as well. This app is user-friendly and the process is not complicated . All you need is wifi , set up our account, and scan the barcode of your product . The second image you can see is fruit ! I know it looks strange, but most of the food nowadays that we buy at the supermarket all have palm oil . The chocolate cookies , the potato chip snacks, the can of food all have palm oil. I recommend growing fruit and natural plants at home rather than a produce at market. To take an extra step , I pluck some fruit from the tree and have it as a snack, it is convenient , efficient , and cheap ! I also see many people eat as a vegan so they don't have to support buying palm oil product as well . It is a good thing and in the future I hope I can do the same



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