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Living Plastic Free

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Since I have started dating my girlfriend I have been inspired to start saving all glass jars and cups that I have encountered. These include jams jars, juice bottles, mason jars from nuts, smoothie glasses and other similar items. Since I have started saving these I have been able to use them for vases, mugs, water and drinking glasses and means to store and preserve items. By saving this glass I am lowering my personal footprint and wastes in a number of different ways. Firstly I have stopped letting these glass items go to waste when I would otherwise just recycle them. I am no longer using plastic cups to drink out of and have therefore stopped purchasing them, reducing the demand for them even if it's slight and preventing the creation of new wasteful material. I have also used them for many other uses such as water bottles when I travel to stop me from using single use bottles, storing leftovers in them instead of using plastic or rubber tupperware, marinating meat in them and using them to store flour, sugar, salt and other dry ingredients. Since I have started storing cooking ingredients in them I can now go to stores that allow you to refill those items without having to purchase whole new bags or sacks that would just end up in the garbage.

this is just a glimpse as many are in the dishwasher



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