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Living Plastic Free

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In my life I have taken to the fight against massive plastic consumption through trying to remove plastic use in the bathroom. I have started using bar soap, shampoo and conditioner in the shower which has worked wonders for me and I enjoy very much the affect on my hair which is fairly curly. These bar products come in all non-plastic packaging from reused materials. I have also taken to using a solid lotion that is applicable after showers and deodorant that comes in cardboard containers and no plastics involved. I believe that after using these products they come at no inconvenience to me and do not hinder any ability that these products give you when in the plastic form. Through a search on the internet into a product called nurdles it takes about 1,000 nurdles to create a water bottle. I could not find for your average deodorant stick but could only assume it is similar in number. A nurdle is the basic item used in lots of plastic production, my partner and I go walk the beach and collect nurdles in our free time and have them collected in a jar at home. If every consumer in America made conscious decisions in what products they bought we could hopefully reduce the amount of nurdles being produced and then leaked into our oceans. In the attached photos I have a photo of the two heart shaped bar shampoo and bar conditioner from the brand Ethique. The other photo has the bar lotion and cardboard deodorant from the brands Ethique and HeyHumans which I highly suggest using. Lastly is the container in which we have kept all of our nurdle collections from La Jolla, Carlsbad and Laguna beach. I do not have an Instagram account and hope that will not effect the grade I can receive on this but am more than happy to post it to your website.


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