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Living Plastic Free

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In this photo I have started using a cotton reusable bag that my friend got me on her trip abroad. The reason that I have chosen to use this reusable bag while I grocery shop is to eliminate my use of plastic. When I normally go to the grocery store like CVS or Trader Joes, the workers bag my groceries in plastic bags, and I usually do not think twice about it. Americans on average use about 100 billion plastic bags a year which requires about 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. On average each person uses around 365 plastic bags per year. If I stop using plastic bags every time I go to the store, I could save around 365 bags per year. So, in the next. 10 years I will be saving around 3,650 plastic bags per year that would have been used once for my groceries then disposed of in the trash. Plastic bags are difficult to recycle and a lot of them end up sitting on landsites. Reducing impact and making small changes to use reusable bags will have a huge impact on the environment in the long run. In the photo, I have gone to CVS and gotten a few things that I needed which I usually would put in a plastic grocery bag but I have switched to a reusable bag that is better for the environment.

Aug 02, 2022

Thank you, Lilly!😀



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