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Living Plastic Free

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Hector Quintanilla
Hector Quintanilla

Since I jumped into the sustainability mindset about 4 years ago, I have been trying to find ways to reduce my carbon footprint in any way possible. I would say for the most part, the majority of these changes have benefited me financially. In these images, I am displaying dry food storage containers and small towels. I typically buy a surplus of beans, bean pasta, regular pasta, flour, oats, etc. All of those items have one thing in common, non-reusable packaging. I took it upon myself to buy food storage containers and shop in bulk stores. Not only do I get to choose how much I want, bulk food tends to be a lot cheaper because the provider doesn’t have to worry about packaging. In addition, I’ve learned that dried legumes are more versatile! I can soak them to consume as the whole legume or blend them into flour for baking. Now for the small towels, I have gotten my previous roommates and current roommate on board. Ultimately, I have stopped buying paper towels (we will have one roll for emergencies) to clean messes up around the kitchen and the overall house. I have bought around 12 towels and when they get too dirty we throw them into the laundry basket to be washed and reused. There are many ways to reduce your impact and I am always trying to find different ways to implement them into my life!


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