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Living Plastic Free

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For years now, I have been using reusable cotton bags each time I take a trip to the store. My mother was actually the one who encouraged me to switch, and ever since, I have kept a stash of them in the trunk of my car (see photo) for any possible scenario. It always felt a little wrong anyway, whenever I would stuff my groceries inside of a perfectly good plastic bag only for it to wear out after one or two uses, and I’d be forced to chuck it. Especially since those types of bags are notorious for ending up on streets or in populated areas, ultimately putting the environment at risk. Regular plastic shopping bags are made of polyethylene which is not biodegradable, taking up to 1,000 years just for one bag to break down. When you put that into scale and take into consideration the billions of bags that are used each year, that equals a disastrous turnout. Even though I am simply one person, if I can lessen my harm to the Earth with just one reusable bag at a time, then I most definitely will. It doesn’t end there, of course, as I am constantly on the hunt for new ways to conserve, and I hope others can join the movement as well.

Apr 02, 2022

Awesome, and so easy!



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