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Living Plastic Free

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Emily Amico-Korby
Emily Amico-Korby

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Every morning when I make my coffee, I like to take a few extra steps as to not create too much plastic waste! A few of the steps happen even before I make my morning coffee, but that has been the number one thing I have learned when it comes to living more plastic free- it takes more mindfulness and preparedness. It maybe takes an extra minute or two on top of your normal errands or morning routines but it is well worth it!

Starting with my method of brewing, I use a Chemex! In my Chemex- I use a coffee sock rather than a disposable coffee filter. I also like to purchase my beans from The Local Scoop in Encinitas! I'll bring my own jar or bag and fill it from the zero gravity fill station! Sprouts also has this zero waste option available to you! I use my reusable to go Miir Coffee cup from my favorite coffee shop in Dana Point and I take it on the go!



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