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Living Plastic Free

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Something I can do to reduce my impact on the environment is make my lunches everyday in these plastic containers. This was actually my lunch from today. I can wash this container after every use and it will be perfectly good to use again, unlike a plastic bag. Also, when I make my own food at home I am using ingredients that have been bought in bulk. If I were to take bars and chips everyday to work, I would be throwing out two trash wrappers that could end up in the ocean. Also, making food at home saves me from eating out. I have worked at multiple fast-food establishments, and have witnessed how much plastic is used and thrown out on a daily basis. Also, everything they make for you is put into a tray or bowl of some sort, that sometimes isn't biodegradable. This is why making food at home and bring it to work is more eco-friendly compared to fast food.

I will start to do this everyday when I go to work, as I will not use any plastic forks or cups that are always open for my use. I believe that this change will help reduce my personal impact on the environment, and can inspire others around me to do the same.

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