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Living Plastic Free

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I have a daughter who is almost 18 months, I began introducing her to pouches when she turned 1. At first I would buy the pouches from the store since pouches are very convenient as snacks for car rides. Only within of 1 month of purchasing pouches form the stores, I realized how much money and waste was being negatively affected by it. I had seen a video on TikTok regarding reusable pouches. I instantly looked them up on Amazon and ordered some. I began making my own puree's and inserting in the pouch. These pouches are resealable at the bottom of the pouch. I began to. realize how much waste I had been avoiding by using these reusable pouches for my daughter to snack on. Yulissa Lopez Gonzales GEOG 101

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The Plastic Free Living blog gives you the opportunity to s...


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