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Living Plastic Free

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Selah Flores
Selah Flores

I grew up in a bit of an unconventional household and for most of my childhood, I almost exclusively used plastic or styrofoam paper plates, cups, bowls, and utensils because my mother did not want dishes in the sink. The thought of it makes me cringe now as since moving on my own I try my best to use glass and metal dishes and utensils, but this course has certainly made me more aware of my consumption of materials like plastic and other disposable items. That is when I realized that I still used ziplock bags and reusable but not very long-lasting plastic containers to store my leftover ingredients and meals. My roommate and I decided to invest in glass Tupperware (although I will admit they do have a plastic top) and dig up all of our mason jars to use as food storage instead. A couple of extra dishes are worth the small but positive step in the right direction of limiting plastic for the betterment of the environment.



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