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Living Plastic Free

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One of the ways that I'll avoid using plastics is by preparing food at home rather than buying something at a market or food vendor, which may use plastic containers, bags and/or silverware. On the same subject, I'll either bring a hydro flask to work with water or use paper cups. I'll also use a reusable coffee mug in the mornings and use a lunchbox for my lunch break. I have a water filter that I'll use to make drinkable water from the faucet at home. Although we aren't necessarily free from using plastic, anything that is plastic we'll usually reuse or recycle in my family. This includes reusing plastic containers previously for containing food for now containing other things around the house, such as spices or other household items. We'll use electronic toothbrushes instead of plastic ones, and bamboo brushes and combs. I've mostly used wooden pencils to write, and buy led instead of buying new plastic pencils all together. With more awareness of the issue with plastic, my family and I will perefer buy items without unnecessary plastic components, and tend to buy cardboard, metal, and glass containers of food at the market.



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