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Living Plastic Free

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Marissa Diaz
Marissa Diaz

I'm always on the go, and I drink a lot of water due to a kidney problem; I used to drink at least three bottles a day; I remember buying cases of water bottles at Costco biweekly. I can't believe I created so much unnecessary waste, we are a big family, so it was x5 the amount. I decided to invest in good-quality bottles of water for everyone. I noticed everyone stopped using the plastic bottles immediately, and since then, I haven't purchased any cases, and now that I have a few that I collected from gifts or advertisements, it helps me keep one at work, one in the car,, and one at home. This is one of my favorites; it keeps the water cold, is the right amount, easy to refill, it does not lick. I like the handle because it is easy to add a hanger. I attached the hanger to my backpack when I was traveling. The picture was taken last week during a Layover in Canada; right now is right next to me in Rota, Spain; this bottle has helped me reduce lot of waste in the last couple of months.

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