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Living Plastic Free

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Gillian Peterson
Gillian Peterson

My dad and I are constantly trying to figure out new ways to live more sustainably. One way we reduce our carbon footprint is by reusing tupperware we get from stores. Our favorite is the salsa containers from El Nopalito. Their salsa is amazing, and we enjoy it in some of our cooking as well as with chips. We've accumulated a good amount of tupperware, or as my dad calls it, "Nopalito-ware" over the years. We use them to store things like sliced lemon, halved avocados, and even homemade sauces. And, since we aren't super attached to them like we are our glass tupperware, they make really great to-go containers to send guests home with if they have leftovers. We have larger more versatile glass tupperware we use to store large quantities of food when we meal-prep for the week, but we still love to have the Nopalito containers as an option. By keeping these containers, we give them so much more life, instead of trashing them as soon as we finish the salsa. Not only do we keep unnecessary plastic out of landfills, but we enjoy them as a common household item.

Another way we reduce our carbon footprint is by using reusable water bottles. We enjoy the thermoflasks that Costco carries ( They are a great deal for great quality! ). Not only do I recommend them for their quality, but they can store way more water than a plastic water bottle. Research has proven that some major bottled water brands' water contains plastic particles. I know that microplastics are all around us these days, but by drinking filtered water from a metal container, I do feel slightly more at ease haha. I often opt to use my water bottle at home instead of a water cup as well. It holds more water than a typical cup, keeping me hydrated for longer. Additionally, I don't have to worry about spills. My dad and I have multiple water bottles so we can always have a clean one to use while the others are being washed.


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