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Living Plastic Free

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Below is a photo of a pair of levi 501 button fly jeans made in 2017 with white comb denim. I purchased these jeans from a second hand store in Los Angeles a few months back and if properly taken care of I should be able to wear these for close to a decade. Since that purchase I have been working on purchasing second hand high quality garments. By purchasing second hand I reduce my environmental footprint by no longer purchasing new clothes meaning I am no longer supporting the production of new materials as a single pair of jeans can use up to 1,800 gallons of water to produce. Since I have been focusing on the quality of the items I buy, I should be able to use and love these clothes for years to come instead of purchasing and wasting new clothes every year. Since I have started buying second hand I have reduced my pants to being almost completely denim meaning not only will they need to be replaced less but they also stay cleaner for longer and are only needed to be washed every 3-10 wears depending on your activities which further reduces water and the use of conditioners or detergents. I have also limited my foot wear to just two pairs of redwing leather boots that with proper care will last me over 30 years.



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