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Living Plastic Free

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Kenny Venegas
Kenny Venegas

Last January, my family decided that we were going to cut out using plastic water bottles moving forward. Our plan was also to place a Brita filter on our kitchen sink so that we could also get some nice filtered water but we have yet to do that. One thing that we have been doing is utilizing our old aluminum cans for a very green purpose. My family and I have begun crafting small pots out of aluminum cans for our plants. We try to still mitigate how much aluminum we use, but whenever we do use aluminum products we try to convert them into the pots pictured here.

Our pots are actually not limited to just old aluminum cans, we also have utilized old plastic containers like Pomade canisters. It adds a nice rustic feel to our garden while also adding use to a material that would've otherwise been thrown away in the same vein as single-use plastic.

Going back to our water though, I've additionally been using the very same Hydroflask for 5 years. It was not until last month that I decided to retire it with a new one (but that’s only because I got a bigger one). I still use my old one but I prioritize it for whenever I am camping or doing outdoorsy stuff.

Overall I am always trying to find ways to slowly integrate a much more eco-friendly facet into my lifestyle. This summer I will be doing a lot of camping trips consecutively and I’ll be buying products that would be much better suited for use in the wilderness like bamboo toothbrushes, paperbound deodorant, and reef-safe sunscreens.

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