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Living Plastic Free

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In my family, a simple photo of a glass bowl and metal spoon represents more than meets the eye. For my family, this is just another thing to spend time washing in the sink. We've often chosen convenience over washing dishes by buying loads of disposable plastic utensils, plates, and bowls. However, I've made it my mission to change this habit. Despite the initial resistance, I' have been slowly convincing my family that using glass and metal is a better choice.

I've explained to them that the convenience of disposable plastic comes at a cost – it piles up in the trash after just one use. To make my point, I serve meals using glass or ceramic plates and metal silverware. If anyone protests, I offer to wash the dishes myself, a strategy that always works. I prefer more dishes in the sink than more plastic in the trash any day.

My awareness of the health risks associated with microplastics has motivated me to reduce plastic use not only for myself but also to set an example for those around me. Swapping plastic for glass and metal might seem like a small change, but I believe that even such minor adjustments can lead to significant positive effects over time. It's about making small choices today for a healthier tomorrow.



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