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Living Plastic Free

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In my household we have always bought plastic water bottles in bulk as our form of drinking water. I eventually discovered with how much plastic we were accumulating just in this area and we needed to do something different. We now use a brita water filter and all have our own reusable water bottles that we take everywhere (mine pictured). Furthermore, I have discovered more recently that there are so many swaps I can make to reduce my plastic use. I am starting small with the waterbottle swap as well as a more eco friendly toothbrush. I realized that every time I was replacing my toothbrush it was a waste and I wanted to find a better way to lessen my waste while still replacing often. I bought a colgate brush that comes with a reusable aluminum handle and from there I just purchase the heads of the toothbrush as needed. This switch is makes for 80% less plastic than a normal toothbrush and I think that's a wonderful start for me. There are so many more swaps I'm in process of making such as using reusable cotton pads and always having reusable bags on hand. I may just be one person but each of the swaps I make will help our planet and take that much more plastic out of the world.



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