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Living Plastic Free

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In the spirit of reducing my own harmful effects of plastic there are many actions I have taken. One of the easiest and simplest changes was simply changing from using plastic water bottles to having a reusable water bottle. Along with this I switched from using plastic straws to using glass straws. These actions I thoroughly believe are helping reduce my own harmful contribution to the plastic epidemic.

Switching to a reusable water bottle was one of the easiest and best decisions I made. First we do not realize how quickly we are going through the plastic water bottles. Day in and day out, bottle after bottle it all adds up very quickly. Now my plastic bottle waste is practically zero. Along with this there are other benefits to using a bottle like this. One it looks nice stylistically, but more importantly I can make better tasting water. I can add fruit, ice, and caffeine to it. It also feels nice knowing that I am helping the environment. With this I also use glass straws instead of disposable plastic ones. They are easily washable and they honestly feel better to drink from. I don’t have to feel guilty about my water or beverage consumption anymore because there are no harmful side effects from it. On a side note, putting your glass straws in the fridge and then drinking from them is life changing.


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