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Plastics Impacts on Human Health

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sasha ballesteros
sasha ballesteros

To eliminate the perpetuation of harmful products, specifically those assembled out of plastics or other materials that can't be composed, I've downloaded the Yuka app on my phone. Using the camera option of this program, I'm able to scan labels of food, health products, and some other consumer goods to ensure that there are no hazardous elements involved in its composition. It applies more so to products such as deodorant and shampoo than foods, I don't think detecting microplastics is possible upon just scanning a label pertaining to that item, but any additives are included in the breakdown provided. Here is the link: Yuka - The mobile app that scans your diet and cosmetics

I've implemented protective choices into my jobs as well. I've worked at grocery stores since I was about seventeen (I'm now nineteen), so I've seen firsthand the tremendous waste of plastic bags, in particular. I used to be a courtesy clerk, which included bagging people's groceries; a lot of shoppers asked for double bagging, typically those with an abundance of purchases. I'd take bagged groceries out to cars at times when customers required assistance, and I'd see bags from previous purchases loitered in the backseat or trunk. Luckily, at the grocery store I worked at most recently, I am in the Pickup department, where we offer recycling services. When I take pre-paid groceries out to a car, I'm required to bag the products I collect for customers, so I try to use as little as possible unless requested otherwise. I've spoken to my manager about this since taking Intro to Geography with Professor Lazootin, but not much action can be taken toward their complete elimination in my department due to health guidelines when it comes to consumable goods.

Similar to my courtesy clerk position, I often see bags accumulated in the trunks of cars. Some people ask me to take it back to the recycling section we have in the back of the store, while other times I simply ask if a customer would like me to recycle the bags for them. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own bags as well, and if they do, receive points from the store that count towards gas.



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