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Living Plastic Free

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Plastic-free living is a lifestyle where individuals act consciously to reduce plastic consumption and reduce plastic waste. As someone who is committed to reducing plastic waste, I have made significant changes in my daily routine. Before, I used to buy a pack of 24 water bottles from Costco and grab one with me every time I go to school, work, or even go for a walk. Once I finished drinking, I would squeeze the bottle and throw it in the trash. However, that habit has changed.

I have adopted a healthier lifestyle, including reducing my use of plastic. I bought a large water bottle on Amazon that I can refill only twice a day, providing me with plenty of water to drink. By using reusable water bottles, I have achieved significant cost savings, greater convenience and most importantly the ability to keep the environment clean. I believe it is important to acknowledge that small changes to our daily habits can have a significant impact on the planet, and I am proud to do my part to reduce plastic waste.

(Huu Minh Nhat P - GEOG 101)


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