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Living Plastic Free

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Zury Martinez
Zury Martinez

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share another way that I have come to reduce my plastic consumption. At home, we used to heavily rely on plastic water bottles especially when traveling like on road trips and camping. This of course was not sustainable. We were purchasing a product that was producing waste through every bottle used and it wasn't just any waste, it was plastic waste. Not only do these plastic bottles end up in landfills but they end up breaking down into microplastics which research has come to show negatively affects both marine and human health. When we eventually concluded that we could obtain our water in a manner that would be better for our environment we bought this water jug and added the pump over time for a more effective usage. This water jug has come to be really convenient both at home and when traveling because now we can simply reuse our own water jug and cup of choice when grabbing some water. Whenever we run out of water we find our nearest water filling station which luckily is quite close to our home. Moreover, practicing less usage of single-use plastics can be one great way to aid our environment which currently finds itself in critical conditions.



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