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Living Plastic Free

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Zury Martinez
Zury Martinez

Hello, my name is Zury. Not only does plastic spread toxins and threaten our wildlife but it also contributes to the overall global warming of our planet. Here I have pictured one of my favorite reusable bags that I use when purchasing groceries. If I remember correctly I started implementing this practice into my life shortly after places started opening up during covid-19. Since then I have seen many others also partake in this practice. By choosing to opt-out from using plastic grocery bags I am minimizing the contribution of plastic that can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Furthermore, using my reusable bag allows me to carry my groceries sustainably. Instead of purchasing a plastic bag that will only be used momentarily and might potentially rip, I use my reusable bag that is more tough and durable; thus allowing me to use it plenty of more times. Additionally, reusable bags allow me to reduce my impact by not contributing to the microplastics from larger pieces of plastic that eventually make their way into our ecosystems. Overall, plastic is indefinitely everywhere and continues to be produced in all sorts of manners like for food packaging and home goods. Despite this, you can still find plenty of ways to help in the conservation of our planet like through the use of reusable bags :)



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