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Living Plastic Free

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I have come to realize that a lot of people in my circle of friends, and even family don't recycle. Recycling is something I have become very conscious of due to the environmental benefits, especially with global warming being such a pressing issue in today's society. I like to put all my paper and plastic into boxes I receive, so I'll be able to recycle them at the end of the week. I'd say arguably the best benefit of recycling is the fact that it sends less items to incinerators and landfills. Most people don't acknowledge the fact that incinerators cause more pollution and add to the problem of decreasing air quality. With landfills, I'm sure we've all seen, but it causes more trash and litter to be distributed around the world and even to our oceans. - Khush Amanullah GEOG101

Bryan Coto
25. Okt. 2022

This is great, thank you Khush

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