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Living Plastic Free

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I found a website called Omni which calculates your plastic footprint. I honestly had no idea how large mine was. Most of it came from furniture and other miscellaneous items. Since I have a large family, we make many trips to the goodwill donating items we no longer have a need for. Although it’s being donated, it’s still making a negative impact on our environment. What is really sad is that although my global footprint is above the global average, it is almost 50 pounds lighter a year than the United State’s average. The United States average is one hundred and eighty five pounds a year, the global average is one hundred and ten pounds a year, and Europe has an average of only eighty five pounds a year. The US really needs to step it up. I still can’t believe that Europe's average global footprint is about half

the size of the United States. Using this website has helped me become more aware of my global foot print and has helped me make wiser choices for the environment. I’m no longer buying plastic plates as I’ve found a better alternative. I’m also very competitive so I try to get my score on the website each week lower than the week prior. I would definitely recommend keeping a record of your score at least once a month to see how you progress in the span of a year. It’s easy to keep track of. You can either write it down in a journal or you can simply screenshot your results on whatever device you did it on.

Olivia Lucia
Olivia Lucia
Olivia Lucia
Aug 06, 2023

Hi there! Working on reducing our waste is an ongoing battle of imperfection. Unfortunately there is not completely plastic free lifestyle. Just keep making your sustainable swaps and taking it one day at a time!



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