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Climate Change

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Tyler Reyes-Smith
Tyler Reyes-Smith
Dec 18, 2022

Hello all here on imnoplasticgirl! It’s more and more difficult to live sustainably every day in our ever-connected and industrial world, but I was hoping to try and cut back in some small way. So, I decided to start baking my own bread! I would take a picture of the bread itself, but it’s already been eaten (these things don’t last long in my house) so instead I took a picture of the mixing bowl and oven I used instead. When you think of the most wasteful industries out there, the food industry definitely comes to mind. Apparently restaurants on average waste half a pound of food per meal that they serve! And every scrap of food wasted counts as a lot of carbon sent up into the atmosphere. I was raised to try and finish my plate and be grateful for what I have, so making my meals from scratch (or close to it) at home seemed like a natural step in that same direction. This way I can make sure nothing is wasted and I can have a nice meal for myself and my family at home. There are lots of small steps that contribute to a smaller carbon footprint that I try to do as well, such as buying ingredients in bulk to cut down on shipping and packaging, and using a wet towel to cover the bread while it rises rather than using plastic wrap. Hope you find this informative or helpful in some way on your own ecological journey!



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